Frequently Asked Questions


What is the experience needed and age requirement to be a Petal Pushers?

No prior experience is needed, because you will be instructed by experienced float crew chiefs and decorators. There is no upper age limit. Due to insurance regulations and safety concerns Petal Pushers must be at least 13 years old to decorate.


How or where do I register to volunteer?

You may register on-line here.
Shortly after registration, you will receive a confirmation email listing your volunteer date and shift time.


What do I do after receiving my email confirmation?

See the Check-In information on the Petal Pushers website at to learn what to do before coming to decorate.


Where will I be working?

5400 Irwindale Ave.
Irwindale, CA 91706


Where do I park?

Parking is available in a nearby lot at 5440 Irwindale Ave (free) or on the streets around the building. Please make sure to obey the parking signs.


What should I wear?


The dress is "socially grubby". This means you don't come home smelling bad, however, it does mean you might get dirty. During decorating days (Dec. 26th through Jan 1st) Petal Pushers must wear an official Petal Pushers® tee shirt or sweatshirt. (Shirt can be from the current year or any prior year.) These shirts identify you as an official Petal Pusher volunteer and serve as your "entrance ticket" into the decorating facility.

Petal Pushers' shirts can be purchased at the decorating location or purchased on our website here (PLEASE NOTE: The last day that we ship shirts is Dec 16th. All other online orders for volunteers will be held for pick up at the Petal Pushers Check-In booth.)

December mornings can be chilly in Pasadena (temps in the 40's) so dress warm in layers, but the Petal Pushers shirt must be worn as the outer-most garment.


Can I get SERVICE HOURS for my school?

YES! If your school requires a specific Service Hour Form to be completed, please bring the form with you, otherwise we will sign a generic form to reflect the hours you work. These forms will be signed at the end of your shift at the Volunteer Registration Table. We appreciate you and the time you spend serving in this capacity.


What time do I report to work?

You should arrive no later than 30 minutes before the beginning of the shift you are assigned. All volunteers have to be signed in and given instructions prior to going into the building to decorate.


What will I be doing?

All Tournament of Roses Parade Floats are decorated with materials that were once living (organic material). These items include the traditional roses, many types of flowers, and even fruit, but also dry materials are used like rice, seeds, corn husks, straw flowers, and tree bark. The materials are applied to the float based on the projected life of the item.

On detail decorating days, dry materials are prepared and applied to the floats. Closer to the date of the parade, live flowers are prepared and applied to the floats. Petal Pushers are involved in all aspects of the float decorating process from cutting dried flower petals, to cutting and inserting live flowers into water vials, to decorating on the floats. Petal Pushers are also expected to clean up at the end of each shift.


Can I select which float I work on?

No, the Petal Pushers volunteer coordinator assigns you to a float based upon decorating schedules and needs.


What is available for lunch or dinner?

We sell a combo meal consisting of an individual Pizza Hut pizza and a canned soft drink or bottled water for $6.00. You are also free to bring your own meal.

If you are part of group of five (5) or more it is requested you bring a completed PIZZA ORDER FORM. Meals are ordered on-site at the start of your shift.

There will NOT be enough time for you to leave the facility to grab food from a fast food restaurant or go out to eat. Please plan accordingly.


What should I bring or not bring with me?

Please do not bring MP3 players, iPods, radios, or earbud listening devices as these, for safety reasons, are not permitted for use while decorating.

Please do not bring large bags, purses, or back packs as there is no lockable storage area.

Please leave valuables and expensive jewelry at home.

Bring some money to purchase lunch, souvenirs, pins, candy, or snacks from the LHMFC booth. Picture taking is permitted, but remember your primary responsibility is to work decorating at your assigned area.


How long will I work?

Work shifts are 8 hours in length, and you are expected to work an entire shift and expected help with clean up at the end of the shift.

When you volunteer, you select a date(s) and shift time. You may register for multiple shifts.


When does work begin on the floats?

Building a float is a year around project. Work begins in January when Phoenix Decorating takes the floats back to their workshop to tear down the old float and prepare the chassis for the coming year. Meanwhile, the designers begin developing concepts and sketches for the next year as soon as the theme is announced by the Tournament of Roses Association in mid-January. When the drawing concept is approved, construction begins early in the year.


Do all 4,500 to 5,000 Petal Pusher volunteers work on the Lutheran Hour float?

No, Petal Pushers decorate approximately 10 of the floats in the float barn.


How does decorating other floats help the Lutheran float?

Phoenix Decorating, our float builder, makes a donation to the Lutheran Hour Ministries Float Committee (LHMFC) in proportion to the number of hours worked by our many volunteers. It is very important you are signed in with the Petal Pushers volunteer coordinators so we are credited for your work.


Are all the volunteers working on floats called Petal Pushers?

No, Petal Pushers® is a registered trademark of the Lutheran Hour Ministries Float Committee. Committee members are identified with red jackets or shirts with the Petal Pushers® logo. Most of the other volunteer decorators are from service organizations (Rotary, Kiwanis, etc.) or employees of cities and corporate float sponsors (City of Alhambra, Trader Joe's, City of Hope Cancer Center, etc.).